Under The Grey Sun

by Jimmy Spoon meets 5-40AM

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Under The Grey Sun is a second studio album by Jimmy Spoon, this time Anton Vizir aka Jimmy Spoon collaborated with Moscow electronic producer 5-40AM (Alexandr Velsh), who wrote all the music on the album. As a result we have a concept downtempo, lyrical and bluesy record.

Jimmy Spoon:

“Do you like walking around Moscow as I do?” - Alexander Welsh asks, an author and primary vocalist of an independent electronic project “5.40 am”. This bizarre name brings to mind the earliest morning time when the city is empty, and you can wander around alone in silence. His music pictures trains of thought of a lone man in deserted city mixing various genres, from jazz and electronic to hip-hop, and incorporating exciting jazz melodies with special psychodelic rythm and absolute freedom of creation. last.fm/music/5-40+am

Ultra Vague Recordings

Второй студийный альбом «Under The Grey Sun», который выпущен в 2012 году на украинском независимом лейбле Ultra Vague Recordings, - это концептуальная работа, основанная на низко темповых композициях и лирическом настроении. Автором всей музыки мини-альбома выступил Александр Велш (5-40 am) - московский музыкант, работающий в жанре IDM, Glitch.


released June 20, 2014

Album: Under The Grey Sun
Style: Neosoul, IDM, Electronic, Hip-hop
released 6 Dec. 2012
Anton Vizir aka Jimmy Spoon — Voice and Lyrics
Alexandr Velsh aka 5-40 am — music production



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Track Name: Young Creation
Hold me tight
Hold me high
Because my destiny is young
I need a hand
To start my rise
For going in the beginning of longest road
Look down from height
Look in my eyes
I’m your creation of new day
It needs a heart
It needs a mind
And someone who will make it sound
That one who made
Can not abandon
Creation of new day
Start to pray
To save the only key
To the door
That leads us to the new plane of life
Extend existence
Transmit the torch
By breathe your wisdom
In new flesh
Reach you last point of no return
Wait for the singing of wind horn
Your stairs are breaking down
Rust covering your crown
Its time to go away
Leave empty your old bay
But last thing you should do
Create a race or two
Transmit your torch to young
Get rid of elder strung
Then you will see and cry
Because its time for you to meet
Creation of new day
Start to pray
To save the only key
From the door
That leads us
To the new plane of life
To the place where essence lives forever more