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"Inspired by Him only, I discover what is already created by Him [Nārāyaṇa] under His vision as the all-pervading Supersoul, and I also am created by Him only." Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 2.5.17

Two identities of soul, the Supersoul and the individual soul, are admitted to be in the living entity, even by the greatest authority of the universe. The Supersoul is the Supreme Lord, the Personality of Godhead, whereas the individual soul is the eternal servitor of the Lord. The Lord inspires the individual soul to create what is already created by the Lord, and by the good will of the Lord a discoverer of something in the world is accredited as the discoverer. Srila Prabhupada's Commentary to Ś. B. 2.5.17


released May 25, 2015

Uvarious Artists by Ultra Vague Recordings is a compilation series tending to present the best new and established artists around the globe. «I’m glad to say a few words about this new compilation. The road keeps me going and the music comes along. Some tunes may stay for a while some go, but you get yours samskaras. This is the 5th edition of the compilation series I’ve started like 6 years ago, when I asked a few friends of mine to take part in it. « — Fudo Kazuki, Ultra Vague , CEO

Cover Photo: Fudo Kazuki

Cover Mastering: Max Gaidouchenko aka Dflyd



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: DaKooka - Kiss Me
DaKooka is a young singer, pianist, dj and songwriter from Ukraine. She composes her own songs and performs other musicians cover versions, collaborates with different djs (dnb/trap/tech and deep–house etc..) The project combines a unique sound, unique vocals and poetry in English, Russian and Polish.
Toured in Ukraine, Poland, Czech, Germany and participated in many festivals like Global Gathering and Kazantip.Her voice is often compared with Roisin Murphy,Tori Amos, La Roux, Kosheen,Florence&the Machine...


DNB set https://soundcloud.com/dakooka/dakooka-promo-mix-dnb
Track Name: Lakeway - Remedy
Lakeway is indie-pop band based in Kiev, Ukraine, founded by three best friends in the early 2013. The band is performing western-influenced music with sensual lyrics and romantic synths, inspired by their love to nature and human’s feelings.

The first EP “Beginning” consisting of five tracks has been released later in April and gained first popularity in their home city. Right after, Lakeway was invited to perform on the largest Ukrainian music festivals during summer and was noticed by Ukrainian radio stations.

Later on, in March 2015, the second EP called “Heartbeat” has been released and it had a quite different sound than we heard before. The melodies have become more powerful, gained a special tenderness, softness, atmosphere of desperate love and hate in one jar.

Band Members:

Dima Plakhotnii - vocals
Sasha Gulenko - guitar, synths
Max Greben - drums

Track Name: bea boX - Hush Hush
This song is about escaping reality and finding a quiet place within ourselves where people know each other just by feeling and don't have to discuss anything. I can't tell a lot about how it came to me... I think I was deeply in need of this quiet place for myself so i created it with music and just a few words.

It has been recorded at Thank you for smoking Studio, in Montreal Canada, co-produced with Phil Pelletier who put his great touch on the arrangement.


Joannie Labelle, presents her project bea boX where her voice, electronic music and percussive colors intermingle and offer us a surprising organic texture.

released 05 March 2015

composed by bea boX
arranged/produced by phil pelletier & bea boX
recorded at Thank you for smoking studio
mix/mastering by phil pelletier

drums by benjy vigneault
strings by pascale croft

text review by dylan blanchard
photos by lili labelle & liana paré

love provided by family and friends
(thank you! you’re all so precious to me)
Track Name: Shanti People - Surya Narayana Dandakam
This mantra is addresses to the God of the Sun - Surya, who controls the time and preserves the Creation.

"Mantras are not only make your worries go away and bring piece of mind and soul, but help to understand the nature of conscience and it is primarily a self-realisation practice for us. We get our inspiration in Mantras because they free our conscience of conditionality, which conceal it's creative nature. It's like having a breath of fresh air in the midst of concrete landscape. We are really glad we can share this treasure with our listeners. Once you've listened to it you get not only an aesthetic effect". Uma, Shanti People Vocalist

Natasha Uma - Vocal, Harmonium.
Bo - Sound Engineer, VJ.
Denis Shvets - Drums, percussion
Egor Bass - Bass.

Track Name: Glory Box - Blind'em All
The band started musical career in 2012, playing covers and performing at Lviv scenes under the name Sub Rosa. In 2014 they began to record their own songs in Muzproduction studio. Glory Box music is a mixture of different styles such as funk, jazz, soul, pop, rock, etc. Ulyana Kushyk, has extraordinary and powerful voice that is sure to impress connoisseurs of strong female vocals.

Sashko Glavatski – Guitar,
Andrii Konyk – Bass,
Tom Lugoloobi – Keys,
Luka-Theodor Ganulyak – Drums,
Ulyana Kushyk – Voice

Track Name: Marija Cheba - Дівчина
Second time in a row Marija Cheba presenting her new track in our compilation series. "Divchyna" (Дівчина) is a new old song, it's disco incarnation was produced by Evgen Stupka and for Marija it's a positive move towards mainstream radio stations.

"The audience watched me grow, remember this funny song of my acoustic project. It's symbolic "Divchyna" goes out in a compilations via the label my first album came out on." - Marija Cheba

Track Name: Cepasa - Found You
Cepasa makes emotional understated dance electronica that is sure to turn heads.
Going on a new beginning is always a risk, whether this is a movie sequel or Monday morning. This moment is a kind of crash-test of strength and belief that the way had been chosen right. The second Cepasa's album called 'Nove' became such an ordeal for him. It catches your attention first with its melancholic atmosphere and emotional depth that a lot of similar electronic music lacks. Lowered vocal pitches, slow drawing of swinging rhythm and variety of real-time effects - these are the distinctive features of every track in 'Nove'. The album also includes dance floor material, which was noted in the first Cepasa's album. Now there's no doubt new format of Cepasa with his album 'Nove" appears to be in a higher weight category.

Track Name: KEMI - Shine
"This song appeared on one of the rehearsals, after one of the participants, Dizi showed us a demo he brought. He was demonstrating a session making changes in it and then he saved it by mistake. In fact, it all started with an error. We considered the session to be lost because it sounded completely different, but together we have created a song Shine we all got satisfied with in the end." - Katrin Dzigua

Dizzy Bass,
Katrin Dzigua,
Angus Frank

Track Name: Jimmy Spoon x LBN667 - Water Hurts
Jimmy Spoon's third release was written in collaboration with American producer LBN667. Ambient sounds, tending to future garage and Lo-Fi roughness is a recognisable feature of LBN667. Having combining an unusual singing manner for electronic music and LBN667's textures from beyond, Jimmy Spoon made a mix that is hard to describe. There are some strong emotions in the "Flow", these emotions develop into a solid conceptual story. It's a deep and lyrical yet #experimental work. It takes five tracks to take a listener through various layers and themes such as human relations and parallel worlds. With this record Jimmy got one step closer to his own sounding - nothing is restraining his singing tending to bluesy ardor and gothic detachment at the same time.



Water Hurts by Jimmy Spoon

When we walk
Into the flow
We start to realize
That nobody care
No one can tell
Which way is leading to top
You can just walk inside
Walk in the flow
And be ready for listless world
Your only saviors
From the hard truth
Your natives and your dream to reach
Flow doesn’t help
It didn’t save lives
Its not a miracle and it so cold
Prepare yourself
Don’t down your hands
Just be ready for surprise
Oh even water hurts, water hurts
Its fluid can show you senseless life
Oh even water hurts, water hurts
Grab the roots and you will reach the shore

Think what you want
Go where your feel
But never try to understand
Why stone is cold
Why space is black
It can distract you from the main fact
Flow doesn’t help
It didn’t save lives
Its not a miracle and it so cold
Prepare yourself
Don’t down your hands
Just be ready for surprise

Oh even water hurts, water hurts
Its fluid can show you senseless life
Oh even Water hurts, water hurt
Grab the roots and you will reach the Shore

Be part of a flow
Be part of a flow
Accept the core of the flow
Bring you colors with you
Only you can paint the void
Be part of a flow
Be part of a flow
Track Name: Ріплей - Крізь сон (Lounge version)
Ріплей (Riplay) is a Ukrainian, Lutsk based indie pop-rock band, formed in 2010.

Margarita Tyshkevich - Voice, texts
Dmitry Lazarev - guitar

Track Name: Rum Pum Pum - I Believe You
"I Believe You" was the first song the band wrote, it's the most beloved and dear to the authors. After it appeared the band was determined to continue making music together.

Rum Pum Pum was founded in 2014 in Odessa by a creative duo of:

Julia Kolovertnov - singer/songwriter
Arsen Odabashyan - composer, arranger.

Track Name: Soda Ocean - Mr. Smile
SODA OCEAN is a Ukrainian indie-pop band founded in 2013 in Odessa.

After playing a series of concerts in 2014, they have earned the title of fresh breath of Ukrainian indie scene. SODA OCEAN is Inspired by contemporary British indie bands and is trying to invent their own unique and distinctive sound full of atmospheric guitars and dance beats. At the moment, the band is in the studio recordings their debut SO EP.

Track Name: Control Light - Mirrors
This song contains a metaphor, where people are being depicted as mirrors and each of them is alone even though they are all together. The sunlight falls upon them, but being a mirror all they do is reflecting the light on each other. These sunbeams are just like tears. They relate to people. People actually lonesome, but co-exist looking in each other an addition to one-selves, look for one-selves in others. There is a line - "Will you ever fall in love again?"It shows the majority of people are being selfish, they wait until someone falls in love.

Track Name: Dress Your Headphones - Melting
Dress Your Headphones is a one-man band of Vsevolod Pechenin, a 20 year old multi-instrumentalist from Kharkov, UA «Headphones became so ordinary to modern people, it's an important wardrobe item, you can't leave your house without it. Wearing no headphones is like wearing no pants». - Vsevolod aka Dress Your Headphones

Track Name: Alberto Garcia - Горе (feat. KAY)
This track came out of the collaboration experiment of Alberto Garcia, ex-Al Coholic and a folk vocalist Ekaterina Klimova aka KAY from Yekaterinburg, RU. Folk singing style sounds good on the rich d'n'b textures Alberto makes. "Ekaterina sent me a message, telling she got a chance to listen to my tracks in London. Some folks from Bulgaria presented Al Coholic tracks to her and she decided to propose me to make something together." - Alberto Garcia

Alberto Garcia is a new alias of Al Coholic aka Albert Galchanski.

Track Name: Myopia - Alive
Indie piano moved tracks framed by a deep voice, you can't stay indifferent hearing this mix. A vocalist and a piano player player left everything and moved from Kharkov to Kiev to make music. He met a drummer, who have already gave up playing drums, that's the story of MYOPIA.

Anton Shitel - Voice / Keys
Vitaly Gerasimovich - Drums