Sylo Norza - Know You

from by Various Artists

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"This track was written lastly when the EP was coming together. I felt like I needed a sound that was more in conjunction with what I was into currently. This is because majority of the other songs were pretty old and it took me a long time to get around to actually finishing them. So I had to really sit down and think about what sort of song I could make that would be close to the older songs, but still embodied my currents tastes. It came out quite naturally and I was really happy with it. It was the last song to be written for the EP and I felt it was also the perfect song to put last for the track listing. " - Sylo Norza


let go from my hold
don't you wanna come back later
I wanna see you late than never

our time's the only time when
we don't need no explanation
for the foolish misbehavings

but there's one thing nice
one thing, I'll compromise
and i'll be your all
for your single, soul

won't ask twice, won't ask
so roll the dice
shouldn't be hard
shouldn't be

cause i know

one look
is all
need to
know you

they don't
have this
like I have
on you

if heaven is above
are we really down below

we ain't here no more

and I said
she's back
into my head
every single word she said
came to me later
when I was trying to stay sober

off again
will she be my friend
but every time I see her now
i remember
all the things
we set up

Chorus x2

can't wait up
I'll stay up
all night to
be with you
till my minds on
the one thing
that makes me wanna try

so tell me
what I need
to let you
know I see
this one thing that
makes you
the shelter I make mine x2
this (blank) era. Accepting what's been done in the past and learning to let go.

Subtle transformations occur in one's life, sometimes more drastically than others, but they happen nonetheless. The thing is, is that these "eras" in your life don't happen one by one, but rather overlap each other like a collage of memorable moments and epiphanies. So you can never really name one vivid "era" that you're in. They have many names. They are in that sense, nameless. Ever-changing, ever-transformative. It may be fun to name them in the moment. So let that blank space be whatever you'd like to express it as in this moment. But the freedom to change it is always there. Learn to love all the different era's you've experienced thus far.


from Uvarious Artists Vol​.​6, released May 12, 2017
Written, produced and mixed by Sylo Nozra

Mastered by Krinny



all rights reserved